Sunday, February 28, 2016

GREATEST HITS - Dapper Tripper MIXTAPE (2012)

GUNKTVRECORDS presents GREATEST HITS - Dapper Tripper MIXTAPE (2012)

This was recorded as a MIXTAPE of our favorite psych songs, by Zak Mering & Tyler Thacker, aka Greatest Hits, around 2012. Any questions regarding specific tracklisting or anything else Gunk related feel free to ask questions to and we will answer.

Greatest Hits R "So REAL" duh, Art:  Z. Mering


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We dont' own the rights to every song just our own, which there are two of them on this mixtape. Can you guess which ones? Submit your answer to for free GUNKTVRECORDS albums & merch!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

GREATEST HITS - LSD Karaoke Mixtape for VICE (2010)

We don't own the Copyright to the songs in this mixtape.
We didn't just make a mixtape, we also karaoko'd through the whole mix while on LSD to give it a unique & fun experience for our fans.  Enjoy it and feel free to rip it from offliberty before copyright hawks try to take down the video which theyve already tried to do in certain countries.  For now you can listen to it so that ish!!

Recorded in 2010 for Vice Magazine @ Melrose Place Studios in Bushwick.

Video Collage by Zak Mering for Greatest Hits & brought to you by GUNKTVRECORDS 2016

"Greatest Hits' Zak Mering & Tyler Thacker dosed themselves with LSD and then recorded themselves singing and making other obscure sounds over their mixtape and then submitted to Vice. It def sounds like it was a fun time while they were recording it."

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