Friday, October 5, 2018

Nick Schneider - "YO" (Single) Out Now! 2018

Brand new track by Nick Schneider out now!!  Peep that!

Upcoming collaboration with Nick Schneider, Samantha Urbani & Zak Mering coming soon to GTVR.. 
Trio is simply called "GROOVE ZONE CREW" .  Don't sleep, dropping when you least expect it!!

Here is another BANGER... "It's Your Life" !  Song by Nick Schneider and video by Geneva Jacuzzi!  Two artist we love here @ GTVR, and have collaborated with a number of times!

Friday, September 14, 2018

ZECHARIAH FUNKHOUSER - Whatever This Place Is, I Love It (New Amazing Album)

Raw Thrills (Insted) - Silver Lake Hip Hop (2005) just dropped and FREE 4 U xox


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Raw Thrills - "Anne" (Official Audio) Complete Album (2018) now available on YouTube!!!

Raw Thrills - "Anne" Album in its entirety from beg to end.  Our gift from GTVR to you, our loyal fans.  We really can't thank you enough, without you new music wouldn't keep coming so thanks again and keep up the support!

Also if you can't afford to buy other albums or music just bootleg it from youtube, bandcamp or soundcloud.  Zak chimed in through email regarding the albums distribution.

"I have found some of my favorite artist from bootlegging although we are not endorsing it just pointing out a common fact.   when it comes to Gunk TV Records releases or projects I have my name attached to, I say ...BURN AS MANY CDRS as u like or jump drives, whatever you use these send albums or songs to friends, use for licensing would be a great idea (huge library, mostly instrumental) lol, and pay me fat checks.. whatever u like.  spread the music first!!"

Much love and enjoy this new album!!  It's instrumental and electronic, first one Zak Mering's has recorded and released in 12 years.  Hope you find it takes your mind places, cuz thats all music should do i the end.

Here are some bonus pictures ONLY found here on this website.. many more exclusives coming soon!

From the album artwork shoot:

Saturday, May 19, 2018

INTERVIEW W/ ZAK MERING & Premiering Raw Thrills Epic New Song ‘Blessed Be The Meek (Let Me Be)


Premiering Raw Thrills Epic New Song ‘Blessed Be The Meek (Let Me Be)’ Teaming up with the likes of Weyes Blood & Ariel Pink, Raw Thrills tells us about his brand new track & GunkTV Records. Photo courtesy of Raw Thrills TUNE UP May 9, 2018 by Elena Childers

To hear more:

all the songs are very different, many unique collaborations!  

Thanks to Calvin Lecompte & Cait from Winston Taylor Records!

They released this album on cassette tape and has it for sale on this page HERE !

CATEGORIES Experimental Garage Indie Music Pop Psychedelic Rock

Friday, April 13, 2018

Raw Thrills - Mondo Combo (2018) (Winston Taylor Records) Cassette Tape Available & "Bad Dream Blues feat. Sun Pack" Video Out!

Buy Cassette Tape here:
Buy Digitally:

Mondo Combo Cassette Tape

1. Comin' For You feat. June Junior
2. Close The Door (Don't Come Knocking) feat. Ariel Pink & Sun Pack
3. Blessed Be The Meek (Let Me Be) feat. Weyes Blood & Outer Limits Recordings
4. Bad Dream Blues feat. Sun Pack
5. I'm So Tight In The City Of Love feat. Geneva Jacuzzi
6. Havoc In The City
7. The Count of Monte Critico feat. Christina Schneider
8. Duel feat. Sun Pack * Propaganda Cover *
9. Escape Pod
10. Maniac *John Maus Cover*
11. I’m An Alien (Muppet Nightmare) Feat. James Ferraro & The Muppet Babies
12. What’s That
13. Almost Medieval *Human League Cover*
14. Half My Life Away
15. Hong Kong Garden *Siouxsie and the Banshees Cover*
16. Water On Mars
17. Do The Samba

Winston Taylor Records is proud to announce the release of Raw Thrills’s Mondo Combo. Featuring appearances by guest artists, Mondo Combo’s layering of New Wave Theater-era experimentation with synth-driven post-punk continues the haunting character of Zak Mering’s multifaceted style of composition.  
Comprising covers of 80’s classics like Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Hong Kong Garden” and Propaganda’s “Duel,” alongside exclusive original releases, Mondo Combo brings together an eclectic assortment of musical talent. Starting with the industrial flavored “Comin’ For Me” (featuring June Junior), Mondo Combo is decidedly a collaborative release. “I’m an Alien” (featuring James Ferraro) is a power pop gem where debauched guitar riffs and peregrine vocals create a funhouse atmosphere that slips the net of mainstream modes of production. Similarly, the sombre “Escape Pod” suggests the ambient familiarity of muzak laced with the passionate intensity of falling in love.
Mondo Combo will be the first in a series of cassettes Winston Taylor Records will release over the next year. The tapes will provide a platform for established and emerging talents.
Zak Mering (aka Raw Thrills) was born in Los Angeles and currently resides in New York. He comes from a family of musicians and entertainers, and has collaborated with Blood Orange, Outer Limits Recordings, and Weyes Blood, among others.