Sunday, May 1, 2016

GUNKTVRECORDS Presents "Outer Limits Recordings - Birds, Bees, Babys, Bacteria (GTVR Edition)" on Cassette Tape

Only 50 were made, each numbered and comes with an unused download card as well as other free download cards, and tapes are selling fast, only half of them left!  So def grab one while you can!  Only feature on Sam Mehran's last tape is a song on track 5, "Suicide Mission" featuring Ariel Pink, James Ferraro (Xerox Kamikaze), and Sam Mehran.  Recorded from 2007-2013, half the tracks have never been heard by anyone as they were demos that only GUNKTVRECORDS possessed.  Def check it out and if you like what you here, order a tape or a few, if looking for bigger orders you can email me over @, or if have any other business propositions for GTVR.
Thanks for listening and your support, we love all our fans, and orders ship out next business day with tracking number following order being shipped.

You Can order the tape or buy digitally HERE!

Download cards from other tapes come with every order! As well as vintage sweet trading cards, from 70s-90s movies and music!  You never know what you'll get when u place an order with GTVR!  Also consider the GTVR Fan Club!  If a member you get free Merch and a discount on Merch and free albums instantly (5 of them for lowest tier).  A very low monthly fee and two tiers to choose from, and cancel anytime you like, but the $5 a month goes to shipping extra free Merch you get for being a GTVR Fan Club Member.  So def check it out if you like the music and products we produce/release!

Many new items coming to GTVR merch, David Bowie Coloring Book/Zine is Next! 


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ailce Cohen & Raw Thrills - "Deetour 2.0" released by GUNKTVRECORDS

Check out all the awesome things our friend Marcel wrote about our new release.  It is a collaboration between Alice Cohen & Raw Thrills.

Song available for sale over at:

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Raw Thrills - So Post (2010) now available on cassette tape from GUNK TV RECORDS! Only a few left, #'d and autographed also includes download card!

Another cassette tape is finally available from GUNK TV RECORDS!   Raw Thrills - So Post (2010).   Each tape is #'d out of 14, and autographed and has a download card you can use to download the files in any format you wish!

 Originally released as a cassette tape as a promotional item for the first 50 people who purchased the Raw Thrills - Shakedown LP (Teal Vinyl), released by Sixteen Tambourines (Japanese Label).  Gunk TV Records now has copys of it for sale, but only 14 were made, so def order one today!  Also every cassette release from GTVR comes with a download card so you can have it to listen to in your walkman, or your ipod, iphone, boombox, or whatever you like!

Thanks and enjoy the album!  The song "Where" is a collaboration with Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering), Zak Mering's younger sister!  It is also our parents favorite song of ours!  Hopefully you enjoy it as well!

Grab your copy today while you can!  They're selling fast, this week I am shipping out multiple copys, so only a few left!!  Also new Outer Limits Recordings album coming soon to GUNK TV RECORDS in the next week or two! Also on Cassette Tape.. 40 will be made so look out for that and also check out the Fan Club with so many perks and extra merch and free albums!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Raw Thrills - Top Gun Cruisin' 2 available on Cassette Tape for the first time ever through GUNKTVRECORDS

Hand #'d and autographed and only 25 made in this first edition so def pick one up, comes with digital download card!!

To check out album digitally and to order the Cassette Tape which comes with download card, #'d out of 25 and autogrpahed!  Don't sleep will sell out fast!!!

Thanks, enjoy and we here @ GUNKTVRECORDS appreciate all your listening and support!!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Raw Thrills - Hardcore Noise Volume 1 (2016) .. new release from GUNKTVRECORDS on Cassette Tape!

GUNKTVRECORDS is now producing and releasing its own cassette tapes.  New releases and old releases will be available on cassette tape.  "Top Gun Cruisin 2" is being made right now on cassette tape and the new Raw Thrills album, "Hardcore Noise Volume 1" is completed and available for sale and includes digital download card as well!

Give it a listen and if interested you can purchase the cassette from the link above.

Check out the photos of it.  Only 26 made so will sell out fast like all past cassette tapes.  Cool neon green cassette tape and digital download card included!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

GUNKTVRECORDS now has an official FAN CLUB!
check it out

Welcome to GUNKTVRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM, we have 36 releases so far and counting, as well as quality limited Merch, coloring books/zines, Vinyl 12" LPs, and Cassette Tapes coming soon again. as well as creative new Merch always poping up, check out GUNKTVRECORDS.BLOGSPOT.COM for updates and news! Also for music videos and album playlist and contact me @, thanks for listening, enjoy!

-Zak Mering

What you get:

  • All the new music I make, streaming instantly on your mobile device via the free Bandcamp app, and also available as a high-quality download.*


  • For $5/month, you get everything above.
    You’re a supporterThank you!
  • For $8/month, you get everything above, plus:
    Custom Song, produced just for you, or a collaboration w/ Raw thrills
    You’re a supporterThank you!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Limited #'d n Autographed 2nd Edition "JUMP IN" Coloring Book Zine of 80s All Stars

JUMP IN is a coloring book/zine that is 6.5"x 8.5" smaller then a full page Coloring Book but includes artist drawings by Zak Mering such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Klymaxx, Vanity 6, Blondie, Miami Vice, The Vels, Sumner (Zaks Father), The Time, and many more pages to color on or just to collect! Great for kids, parents, and artist with the inner child strong within them.

Only 25 made, so don't sleep on it, order yours today, each order comes with Each purchase comes with Free download of "GREATEST HITS - BREAKDOWN LP" the last full length Greatest Hits album, as well as free stickers and other fun stuff!  Enjoy!

Email GUNKTVRECORDS @ for any questions or concerns.

Link for Jump In Coloring Book Zine

Includes unlimited streaming of Breakdown via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.!  Great for kids and artist of all ages!