Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nick Schneider's new project "MODE", produced by Nicholas Jaar

GUNKTVRECORDS presents: 'Pillars of the Temple'.  Conceived and recorded by Shane Mckillop and Nick Schneider,  and produced and mixed alongside Nicolas Jaar of Darkside. Zac Wolf directed this awesome video for the single. 

Last week marked the initial release of Pillars of the Temple exclusively on Jaar's label Other People


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FADER Magazine premieres Katie Rush's first single, "Law of Attraction"

Feel free to check out the Fader post here

If you are interested in purchasing the EP it is available on GUNKTVRECORDS Bandcamp.
Or you can hear the new single on Katie Rush's Soundcloud Page or here, special thx to Colin and Scott over @ darkmatter promtions.

NEW RELEASE FROM GUNKTVRECORDS "Katie Rush - Law of Attraction EP"

Album Artwork by Teresa Kudarauskas (

Katie Rush is the creation of Katie Wagner, Zak Mering, and Sam Mehran.  With Sam and Zak's ever-innovative musical wizardry and the sum of all of their visions for dominating the indie pop 80's vibe, Katie Rush is born from the ashes of Katie Wagner's dying dream of pop superstardom.  

Over the years, worshiping the likes of David Bowie and Ariel Pink, weirdo pop became an obsession for Katie, who went to many rock shows to develop this taste, a merger between more experimental sounds and her earlier dedication to pure mainstream pop and musical theater/rock operas, in particular, Tommy, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Lagaan, Gypsy, The Little Mermaid, Dark Side of the Moon, Phantom of the Paradise, Hair, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Labyrinth.  Having left hometown NYC and returned in her 20's to discover Brooklyn, Katie found a new appreciation for music a little less predictable, a little more raw.  That's when the flames of her love for performing and singing were reignited, going to places where performance and art thrived with no limits.  At some point she learned of Sam's and Zak's musical acts, Outer Limits Recordings, and Raw Thrills and Greatest Hits, respectively.  There was no way these guys weren't musical geniuses, out-of-this-world in their craft.

So it manifested.  In the summer of 2013, coinciding with Katie's newfound but always festering passion for all things the Law of Attraction, Quantum, metaphysics, outer space, and existential, and after a night watching Rhonda Byrne's The Secret with Zak and Sam, the first song "Law of Attraction" was written.  It's an homage to breaking old patterns and finding yourself, freeing yourself into a new possibility.  For Katie, the possibility was fulfilling a dream, that of singing and recording her own mind-blowing, catchy, meaningful songs, markers in time of the reality of existence, the ultimate goal, the ultimate dream, the expression of self.  That and finally finding love.  The songs are a self-fulfilled prophecy, the means and the end.

Says Katie, "I hope that everyone who listens to the songs on the Law of Attraction EP, through the power of belief, through listening and sending those feelings out into the Universe, opens themselves up to awakened perspectives as I have, and feels the loving force that Zak and Sam and I have put into these songs as a testament to the power of thought manifesting for oneself and for and with others.  I hope that people feel what I feel when I hear and sing the songs, making them feel riveted and want to just groove hard to life's possibilities!"

Available for sale over at the GUNKTVRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM page!  Check it out today!

Friday, August 8, 2014

WEYES BLOOD - "Hang On", debuted on Pitchfork 2 days ago!

Her new album is out on Mexican Summer coming soon!  Weyes Blood is none other then the multi talented Natalie Mering, Zak Mering's younger sister!  Give it a listen down below!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Nicky Sparkles - It's Your Life (video directed by Geneva Jacuzzi)

Nicky Sparkles from Splash, Groove Zone Crew, also has a solo project, Nicky Sparkles.  Recently he collaborated with Geneva Jacuzzi in this amazing video, please check it out if you havent already, very gunky and very awesome.  Great work Nick and Geneva!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

GUNKTV VOLUME 1 (Transfered From VHS) Finally On YOUTUBE! (with tracklisting)

For the first time in 4 years, GUNKTV VOL 1 is finally on YOUTUBE in its entirety!  Thx to Ben Forshay for the digital rip and thanks to Sam Mehran for helping with the sound fixing.

Enjoy it if you have never been priveledged to have one of the 20 #'d limited copies made, you can finally watch it yourself on YOUTUBE!  Clocks in at about 110 minutes.
Enjoy It!

If you want to purchase GUNKTV VOLUME 1 on DVDR you can finally over  HERE (GUNKTV VOL 1 DVD-R For Sale)

If you want to purchase any of the songs from it, some of them from Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits or other projects are available over @ GUNKTVRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM.

Tracklisting as best as I can remember it!  All OLR vids done by OLR himself (Sam Mehran)

1. Greatest Hits - Intro over FBI warning (Stranger Girl Instrumental in background)
2.  Robert Abel Animations for Philips Commercial
3. Outer Limits Recordings - "Plastik Child", Domino (UK), 2010 with intermission of weird shit
4. The Sweethearts - "Burnin Through The Night", OESB (NYC), 2010
5. Raw Thrills - Here I Go Again, Sick Steez, video by Adriana Alba, 16 Tambourines/GUNKTV
6. James Ferraro - "Cheez Whiz In Fast Forward", Wild World, OESB, 2010
7. James Ferraro - "Demon Christmas?"/"Monsters/Tales From The Darkside Commercial"
8. James Ferraro - "Ripping Brain Apart", Hell TV
9. James Woods - "Ciggarette Land"
10. Outer Limits Recordings - "$20 Dollar Bill", Domino (UK), 2010
11. Greatest Hits - You're Just An Uptown Girl, Unreleased, 2010, video by Natalie Rodgers
12. Bo Diddley - "Handbone"
13. Outer Limits Recordings - "Julie", OESB, 2010, video, shot by Z. Mering, edited by S. Merhran
14. Ol Dirty Bastard - "Chillin in Bedstuy", "Wheres Panther with that get high"?
15. Jean Michel Jarre - "Zolookologie" Video, 1984
16. Raw Thills - "Komiche Vampires Travelin", Unreleasesd, 2009, video by Adam Jordan
17. Scritti Politti - "Absolute", From Euro MTV 1984
18. Mac Dre - Trill TV, "Drugs Mayne, We are on the best drugs goin"
19. Greatest Hits - "Dance Pop", OESB (NYC), 2010, video by Greatest Hits
19. Sky Juice - "?", OESB (NYC), 2010, video by Todd
20. Outer Limits Recordings - "I Need My TV", OESB, 2010
21. Midnight Star - "Midas Touch", with intro, 1984
22. Michael Jackson VS Michael Jordan - JAM, Michael Jackson learns to play Bball, Jordan dances
23. Outer Limits Recordings - "Silhouette, edited by S.Mehran, shot by Z.Mering in z's Parents home
24. Casio Synsthesizer Commercial
25. Hi-C Ecto Cooler Commercial - Slimer
26. Elegance - "Vacances j'oublie tout", French, 1983
27. Ariel Pink - "Lover Boy"
28. Ariel Pink - "Almost Waiting"
29. Nudimension- "Amour Programmé?", I forget right now, canadian band
30. Roger McGuinn - Interview 1967
31. Greatest Hits - "Make You Mine", OESB, 2010, directed by Kevin DiTrapano
32. Geneva Jacuzzi - "Clothes On The Bed"
32. Raw Thrills (Insted) - "Never Learned", Essential Thrills (Cassette Tape) AUS
33. Kevin in video store
34. Ruby Aldridge dancing at Brooklyn Bowl
35. Silicon Dream - "Wunderbar"
36. Raw Thrills - "Rat Race", video by Kevin DiTrapano, 2009
37. Stellar Om Source - "Island Best"
38. Prince feat. Shiela E - "Shes Got The Look" from VHS
39. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commercial
40. Michael Jackson from Random Movie
41. Encante - "Yoga", video by Kevin DiTrapano
42. Alice Cohen - "?", OESB (NYC), 2010
43. Prince & Michael Jackson & James Brown Footage, 1983, Live Footage

If any of this is wrong email me, I know theres a Jaco Pastorius clip in there when he was in Weather Report.  not sure where though.  email me at: for any changes to this list.. thanks!