Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Raw Thrills - Sick Steez (GTVR AUS Edition) GTVR AUS 001 !!!

GunkTVRecords just started a sister label in Brisbane, Australia (GunkTVRecords AUS) recently.  This album was released exactly 5 years ago by Sixteen Tambourines (Japan) and now we have it on Cassette Tape, with features from Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood, and more.  This Red Cassette Tape version also includes 3 Extra Tracks not on the original LP released in Japan or GTVR's bandcamp.

Grab your copy here if in North America or Europe: https://gunktvrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sick-steez, and

Here, if in Australia, Japan, or that side of our precious planet Earth.

Backside of Insert J Card that is autographed & numbered by Zak Mering
J Card for Sick Steez (GTVR AUS Edition), 1st time on tape, 5 year anniversary, originally on vinyl 12" LP released by Sixteen Tambourines (Japanese Label).  Layout by Bailey Elder (Mexican Summer).  Original Artwork Components by Dewey Saunders.  Photograph by Adam Jordan Gerber.  GUNK TV RECORDS AUS Logo by Zak Mering.

Just recieved copies tonight, they are wonderful, with original artwork by Dewey Saunders & re adapted for Cassette Tape by Bailey Elder (Mexican Summer).

Most tapes have Black Cases, this one shown in clear case so you can see the Cassette Tape itself. 
Each tape is Autographed, #'d, and comes with instant digital download of the New Version of the album with 3 bonus songs that are not on the bandcamp or the original LP release in 2012!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NEW Raw Thrills Video for "Point Of No Coming Down" from Hardcore Noise Vol. 1 Cassette Tape

As well as every other song from the album posted on Youtube with custom graphics for the songs as opposed to a still image of the album cover.  Check out all the videos/songs and the Hardcore
Noise Vol. 1 Youtube Playlist, as well as the Bandcamp where you can watch the videos and listen to the album and also purchase the music digitally or on cassette tape!  Whiles supplies last.  Enjoy <3

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

RAP DAMAGE . Short Films by David Markey & Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) uploaded by GTVR to YouTube

(Short Films by David Markey & Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore)
By: Ecstatic Peace!
(C) Copyright 1994 WGP (We Got Power) Films/Ecstatic Peace Records.

Director David Markey’s Notes:
“Lou Believers” a.k.a. “In Search Of James Woods” (1989) Kim & Thurston Moore came over and we decided to see a movie and make one.  Off to World Famous Graumens Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood in the oh-so-harsh late 80’s.  James Woods latest heavy drama on the big screen.  Davo Classmen was the driver, as anointed by Did.  We pick up Lou Reed (Joe Cole) and visit The Holly√•wood Celebrity Hotel, hang out at a newsstand, and make a feeble effort at a drug score.  Ends in a big jam w/ a crazed Hollywood street hobo.  Cameo by Warhol.  Co-directed by David Market & Thurston Moore.

“Rap Damage” a.k.a. “In Search Of The Hip Hop Rabbit” (1991) Thurston on a bender.  Shot one day during a break on the Ragged Glory Tour.  Hip Hopped-up NYC roadie Maurice Menares plays psychotic sidekick/bunny.  Offensively endearing, in the face of P.E., N.W.A., REM, and Desert Storm.  Chance occurrence of fire, predating the LA riots.  Stopping at yard sales, ended up on Venice Beach.  By the end of the day, I went nuts.  Keep in mind, this was at a time when “Rico Suave” by Gerrardo was in heavy rotation.

“Grunge Pedal” (1993) Starring vehicle for Free Kitten.  Kim Gordon, Julie Cafritz, & Mark Ibold lounge on suburban lawns, jamming a guitar effect box & Japanese beat boxes.  Thurston reads lyrics off Public Service (early 80’s LA hardcore compilation), and Saccharine Trust’s “Pagan Icons”.  Mark, in English accent, reads bio penned by Byron Coley.

“Skeeno H.C. Rules” (1991)  Sonic Youth plays hockey arena w/ Neil Young in Reno, Nevada.  Ten years earlier 7 Seconds recorded this earnest hardcore classic “Skins, Brains, & Guts” EP.  The town was known as Skeeno.  Audio recorded especially for the film by Society’s Ill’s, a band consisting of Mike Watt (bass), Thurston (vocals), Dez Cadena (guitar), & David Markey (drums), who cover said EP.

“I don’t own the copyright for this film, just wanted to share it with the public as it is very funny, entertaining and a great peace of history for Sonic Youth fans, and fans of short films involving Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, David Markey & Friends.  Enjoy!  Ripped from VHS in 2016”
- Zak Mering. (GunkTVRecords)

Monday, December 12, 2016

Saturday, November 12, 2016


Best show GTVR has documented to date! Videos below are of The angelic living legend Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering w/ 3 piece band) and Drippy Eye Projections did amazing visuals, and Jon Jurow on sound and Brian Sweeny along with Juan TwinMG put together this great show @ The Park Church Co-Op in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY Thursday night, November 10th, 2016.  Enjoy the videos, just filmed on an Iphone7 but still sounds and looks great for that.  Check out the live set videos below!! Latest album is available for sale now, grab a copy on vinyl or CD before it sells out!
Weyes Blood - "Front Row Seat To Earth" LP
Link above to listen/purchase from Weyes Blood's Bandcamp

Thanks For Watching/Listening!

Videos all shot by Zak Mering of GTVR @ The Park Church Co-Op on Nov 10th, 2016.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

GTVR Makes 2nd Edition of Outer Limits Recordings - Birds, Bees, Babys, Bacteria & Raw Thrills - Hardcore Noise Vol. 1 Cassette Tapes with Digital Download Cards!

Since the first Edition of OLR - BBB tapes and Raw Thrills - Hardcore Noise Vol. 1 have sold out, we decided it was time to make another edition of 30 Raw Thrills Tapes and 30 OLR Tapes.  Grab yours today before they are all gone! Don't forget, each tape comes with a digital download card!

 OLR album's only feature is a track that includes Ariel Pink & James Ferraro, "Suicide Mission." The only release with the 3 living legends all on the same track. 

The latest Raw Thrills album's only feature is Kassie Carlson, the lead singer of Guerilla Toss, the DFA signed band from Boston area, that track is called "Suzie Says".  

Weyes Blood - Generation Why (Official Video) Out Today!

Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering) has a new album coming out October 21st on Mexican Summer called "Front Row Seat To Earth".  Generation Why is GTVR's favorite song on Weyes Blood's upcoming release. 

Check out her most recent song/video on her most recent album.  It is amazing sonically and spiritually.  Def don't sleep on it, this is her most beautiful track to date in our opinion, and we are big Weyes Blood fans here @ GTVR.

It is amazing, def kills it with this track and you can read more about it over @ Pitchfork.  Order your copy or download it over @ Mexican Summer's page.