Saturday, January 31, 2015

ALICE COHEN - LOOKING GLASS (From "Into The Grey Salons")


"This week in cyborg culture, Alice Cohen just released a new track called “Looking Glass” – a bright synth-pop ode to the illusory freedom of digital identity construction. Cohen tantalizes listeners to “step through the glass” and decide who they’re going to be with game-show exuberance (step right up! pick a card any card!), but ominous lyrical imagery about mannequins with ghostly stares and plastic hair communicate that the utopian promise of an “artificial reality” with “revolving doors of identity” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Since the medium is the massage, the track (off of Cohen’s forthcoming album Into the Grey Salons) was released as part of a webzine/mixtape collaboration between Olde English Spelling Bee
 and 1080p. Titled “Starting Gate” and visually curated by Ledford and Katie Raffa (Personal Injury Records), the tape/zine is hosted by NewHive—an emerging multimedia platform used by EMA to create The Future’s Void as well as netartists such as Molly Soda. It features 22 new tracks by internet all-stars such as James Ferraro, Giant Claw, Friendly Chemist, MCFERRDOG, and Delia Gonzalez, each accompanied by unique artwork by artists such as Keith Rankin, Oomunetaka, and the “Pill Pop” collective. From visual references to Geocities to glimmering gifs and “AIM Buddies”, Starting Gate is a giddy nostalgic grab-bag of homegrown internet cultural tropes, an altogether earnest revival of a the maximalism of early social media—a simpler time, when the discovery that you could create a MySpace page with a million clashing backgrounds and a GIF shower and a song that played immediately upon clicking meant that you WOULD create this, 56k connection be damned. "

Nina Mashurova

Click the looking glass link for the song! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Finally finished the Raw Thrills Official Video for the track "Denim Rainclouds" from the Raw Thrills and his Chain Gang part 2 album!  That link is where you can see other songs from album as well as purchase tracks from the album.  And below is the video.. Thanks an Enjoy!

Directed by: CJ Baker
Production Design : June Dawn Jr.
Edited by : Christian Carroll
Contact for Raw Thrills or GUNKTVRECORDS is:  


Saturday, January 24, 2015

GUNKTV VOLUME 1 (Transfered From VHS) Finally On YOUTUBE! (with tracklisting)

For the first time in 4 years, GUNKTV VOL 1 is finally on YOUTUBE in its entirety!  Thx to Ben Forshay for the digital rip and thanks to Sam Mehran for helping with the sound fixing. Also had to repost cuz the PRINCE POLICE muted the Audio to the whole thing since I had one prince song in there. So I deleted the audio to that Prince track so here it is sans the "U Got The Look" track.

Enjoy it if you have never been privileged to have one of the 20 #'d limited copies made, you can finally watch it yourself on YOUTUBE!  Clocks in at about 110 minutes.
Enjoy It!

If you want to purchase GUNKTV VOLUME 1 on DVDR you can finally over  HERE (GUNKTV VOL 1 DVD-R For Sale)

If you want to purchase any of the songs from it, some of them from Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits or other projects are available over @ GUNKTVRECORDS.BANDCAMP.COM.

Tracklisting as best as I can remember it!  All OLR vids done by OLR himself (Sam Mehran)

1. Greatest Hits - Intro over FBI warning (Stranger Girl Instrumental in background)
2.  Robert Abel Animations for Philips Commercial
3. Outer Limits Recordings - "Plastik Child", Domino (UK), 2010 with intermission of weird shit
4. The Sweethearts - "Burnin Through The Night", OESB (NYC), 2010
5. Raw Thrills - Here I Go Again, Sick Steez, video by Adriana Alba, 16 Tambourines/GUNKTV
6. James Ferraro - "Cheez Whiz In Fast Forward", Wild World, OESB, 2010
7. James Ferraro - "Demon Christmas?"/"Monsters/Tales From The Darkside Commercial"
8. James Ferraro - "Ripping Brain Apart", Hell TV
9. James Woods - "Ciggarette Land"
10. Outer Limits Recordings - "$20 Dollar Bill", Domino (UK), 2010
11. Greatest Hits - You're Just An Uptown Girl, Unreleased, 2010, video by Natalie Rodgers
12. Bo Diddley - "Handbone"
13. Outer Limits Recordings - "Julie", OESB, 2010, video, shot by Z. Mering, edited by S. Merhran
14. Ol Dirty Bastard - "Chillin in Bedstuy", "Wheres Panther with that get high"?
15. Jean Michel Jarre - "Zolookologie" Video, 1984
16. Raw Thills - "Komiche Vampires Travelin", Unreleasesd, 2009, video by Adam Jordan
17. Scritti Politti - "Absolute", From Euro MTV 1984
18. Mac Dre - Trill TV, "Drugs Mayne, We are on the best drugs goin"
19. Greatest Hits - "Dance Pop", OESB (NYC), 2010, video by Greatest Hits
19. Sky Juice - "?", OESB (NYC), 2010, video by Todd
20. Outer Limits Recordings - "I Need My TV", OESB, 2010
21. Midnight Star - "Midas Touch", with intro, 1984
22. Michael Jackson VS Michael Jordan - JAM, Michael Jackson learns to play Bball, Jordan dances
23. Outer Limits Recordings - "Silhouette, edited by S.Mehran, shot by Z.Mering in z's Parents home
24. Casio Synsthesizer Commercial
25. Hi-C Ecto Cooler Commercial - Slimer
26. Elegance - "Vacances j'oublie tout", French, 1983
27. Ariel Pink - "Lover Boy"
28. Ariel Pink - "Almost Waiting"
29. Nudimension- "Amour Programmé?", I forget right now, canadian band
30. Roger McGuinn - Interview 1967
31. Greatest Hits - "Make You Mine", OESB, 2010, directed by Kevin DiTrapano
32. Geneva Jacuzzi - "Clothes On The Bed"
32. Raw Thrills (Insted) - "Never Learned", Essential Thrills (Cassette Tape) AUS
33. Kevin in video store
34. Ruby Aldridge dancing at Brooklyn Bowl
35. Silicon Dream - "Wunderbar"
36. Raw Thrills - "Rat Race", video by Kevin DiTrapano, 2009
37. Stellar Om Source - "Island Best"
38. Prince feat. Shiela E - "U Got The Look" from VHS (AUDIO MUTED FOR COPYWRITE)
39. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Commercial
40. Michael Jackson from Random Movie
41. Encante - "Yoga", video by Kevin DiTrapano
42. Alice Cohen - "?", OESB (NYC), 2010
43. Prince & Michael Jackson & James Brown Footage, 1983, Live Footage

If any of this is wrong email me, I know theres a Jaco Pastorius clip in there when he was in Weather Report.  not sure where though.  email me at: for any changes to this list.. thanks!

Friday, January 23, 2015

CHOAD - "One Way To Find Out" Official Video by GENEVA JACUZZI!

Geneva Jacuzzi stars in and directed this new video for the artist "CHOAD", the tracks called "One Way To Find Out"  ENJOY!  We love anything Geneva Jacuzzi does overhere @ GUNKTVRECORDS, so enjoy the video!.. very funny and entertaining!

Adam Lempel - Color TV (Official Video)

“Adam Lempel and the Casiobeats,” which will be released Dec. 12 on Friends Records, On it, Lempel draws from the synth-heavy pop of the 1980s.  I dug the song and video and thought I'd share it with yall!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

WEYES BLOOD "Bad Magic" VIDEO and interview on FADER!

My sister's second single (Weyes Blood - Bad Magic) from her new album dropped with a new video shot with a drone!  Looks amazing!  It premiered on FADER today! Her new album is out on Mexican Summer!  Buy it today!

(Taken From Fader Page)...

In this Joey Frank-directed video for "Bad Magic," we see GEN F alum Weyes Blood, strolling the beaches of The Far Rockaways and The Hamptons in a long black cape. At one point, she skips a stone against a shoreline dotted with reeds, and then the camera goes flying, skimming the surface of the gigantic body of water before cutting to a bird's-eye-view shot of the singer from high up above, reduced to a barely perceptible speck of black. She seems very much alone in the world, which is just how she sounds on this winding, contemplative closer of her recent Mexican Summer debut, which strips things back to just an acoustic guitar and her emotive alto.
As it turns out, though, the folk singer isn't exactly unaccompanied; a little more than halfway in, there's a fourth-wall breaking moment when we find out where all the breath-taking tracking shots are coming from. "Bad Magic," it turns out, was shot with a drone, and seeing as we're pretty curious about the contraption's potential creative applications (see another drone-shot video we recently posted from London trio Real Lies), we couldn't resist the opportunity to call her up on tour and get the backstory. North American tourdates below.
What's the story behind this song? This song was recorded in my apartment in Brooklyn. It was the last song I recorded for the album, and it's kinda just the most raw, most confessional one. It's supposed to be extremely intimate, and I just recorded it in one take and didn't really think about trying to do it over or do it better. There's some vulnerability and a couple mistakes, and I just kept them in there because that's just what it is. It's just one moment, you know? I'd been drinking so much coffee that day, too.
What's it about? The concept of "Bad Magic" is something that is incredibly intoxicating and magical but ultimately bad for you. Like, relationships, like addiction, or different things that have that quality of completely putting you under their control and taking over your life and making you feel kinda bad—negative forces. But also overcoming that—getting carried away with something and realizing you've gone way too far and that you kinda have to start from scratch.
Who directed the video? Joey Frank. He's a conceptual artist. He's directed a couple things, but for the most part he's just like a strange painter, a conceptual artist. He works with Intercourse Magazine, which is the Pioneer Works publication. I'd been hanging out in Red Hook a lot, and we met a couple times, and we just artistically resonated with each other over time. He kinda came to me and said, "I wanna make this video." We actually made the video for a different song, and halfway through shooting, he said "No, 'Bad Magic' is the song!" So, we re-shot some of it, but we pretty much used the footage that was made for another video.
Why do you think the drone footage is a good match for this song? The song is so slow, and the drone footage is very hypnotic and slow. The rhythm of the ocean looks like how the song sounds. And also, when the drone becomes self-aware—I think it's a very jarring moment where you see the source of the machine that's creating the imagery. To me and Joey, that was kinda the whole point. Amidst all the beauty and the stereotypical sweeping beautiful shots, you all of a sudden see the robot that's creating that, which I think ties into the theme of the song: becoming self-aware and finding a new way, now that you've realized that you're on a runaway train that took you too far.
What are your thoughts on drones? They're incredibly fascinating. All my favorite footage in the video is with me and the drone. My favorite scene is where I let it go. With "Bad Magic," the connection the director made is the concept of technology as being bad magic. It's this thing that is totally, completely interwoven into all of our lives, and ultimately, its long-term effects are still kind of a mystery. I think it's become kinda clear that it might not be the healthiest thing for everybody. So that's another part of the "Bad Magic" theme: the technological aspect. But the drone itself was just beautiful—it's like a little helicopter. It is really trippy when you hear them, and then when you see them it's even more like, "Whoa, that exists now." It's pretty unregulated right now, which is exciting, because soon it'll probably become illegal—or you're gonna need, like, a permit. So we got to do some rogue drone action before it got too regulated.

1/10 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
1/11 Baltimore, MD - The Crown
1/13 Durham, NC - The Pinhook
1/14 Asheville, NC - Tiger Mountain
1/15 Columbus, OH - Bourbon Street
1/16 Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle
1/17 Detroit, MI - UFO Factory
1/19 Toronto, ON, Canada - The Smiling Buddha
1/20 Montreal, QC, Canada - Le Divan Orange
1/21 Quebec City, QC - L'Agitée
1/22 Boston, MA - TT The Bears
1/24 Brooklyn, NY - Baby's All Right
1/26 San Diego, CA - The Hideout *
1/27 San Francisco, CA – Hemlock *!
1/31 Seattle, WA – Hollow Earth Radio *
2/1 Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios #
2/3 Oakland, CA - Leo's *
2/4 Santa Cruz, CA - The Crepe Place *
2/7 Los Angeles, CA - Jewel's *
* with Mary Lattimore
! with Meg Baird
# with Eternal Tapestry