Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Raw Thrills - Sick Steez (GTVR AUS Edition) GTVR AUS 001 !!!

GunkTVRecords just started a sister label in Brisbane, Australia (GunkTVRecords AUS) recently.  This album was released exactly 5 years ago by Sixteen Tambourines (Japan) and now we have it on Cassette Tape, with features from Ariel Pink, Weyes Blood, and more.  This Red Cassette Tape version also includes 3 Extra Tracks not on the original LP released in Japan or GTVR's bandcamp.

Grab your copy here if in North America or Europe: https://gunktvrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sick-steez, and

Here, if in Australia, Japan, or that side of our precious planet Earth.

Backside of Insert J Card that is autographed & numbered by Zak Mering
J Card for Sick Steez (GTVR AUS Edition), 1st time on tape, 5 year anniversary, originally on vinyl 12" LP released by Sixteen Tambourines (Japanese Label).  Layout by Bailey Elder (Mexican Summer).  Original Artwork Components by Dewey Saunders.  Photograph by Adam Jordan Gerber.  GUNK TV RECORDS AUS Logo by Zak Mering.

Just recieved copies tonight, they are wonderful, with original artwork by Dewey Saunders & re adapted for Cassette Tape by Bailey Elder (Mexican Summer).

Most tapes have Black Cases, this one shown in clear case so you can see the Cassette Tape itself. 
Each tape is Autographed, #'d, and comes with instant digital download of the New Version of the album with 3 bonus songs that are not on the bandcamp or the original LP release in 2012!