Sunday, July 15, 2018

Raw Thrills - "Anne" (Official Audio) Complete Album (2018) now available on YouTube!!!

Raw Thrills - "Anne" Album in its entirety from beg to end.  Our gift from GTVR to you, our loyal fans.  We really can't thank you enough, without you new music wouldn't keep coming so thanks again and keep up the support!

Also if you can't afford to buy other albums or music just bootleg it from youtube, bandcamp or soundcloud.  Zak chimed in through email regarding the albums distribution.

"I have found some of my favorite artist from bootlegging although we are not endorsing it just pointing out a common fact.   when it comes to Gunk TV Records releases or projects I have my name attached to, I say ...BURN AS MANY CDRS as u like or jump drives, whatever you use these send albums or songs to friends, use for licensing would be a great idea (huge library, mostly instrumental) lol, and pay me fat checks.. whatever u like.  spread the music first!!"

Much love and enjoy this new album!!  It's instrumental and electronic, first one Zak Mering's has recorded and released in 12 years.  Hope you find it takes your mind places, cuz thats all music should do i the end.

Here are some bonus pictures ONLY found here on this website.. many more exclusives coming soon!

From the album artwork shoot: