Thursday, November 27, 2014

1979 "Sumner" Band video of live performance @ Madame Wongs in LA's Chinatown! Finally on YouTube

Sumner Mering, Zak Mering (Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits, 2 X Love) & Natalie Mering's (Weyes Blood) father, has finally got a live performance video posted on YouTube!  Its the whole concert.  Check it out!

Sumner at Madame Wongs in LA's Chinatown in 1979. Date is not confirmed. Intro, Dynamite, More Beer, Radioland, Novi & Sumner, No Time to Stop, Long Hard Pull (with glitch), Killin' Time, Hot Night, Ain't Up to Me, Obsession, Black or White, Sumner guitar, Scam, Take It

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